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 Stonecore Inc specializes in providing comprehensive assistance and guidance related to zoning regulations and land use planning within New York City.

New York City Zoning can be very complicated and confusing. The NYC Zoning Resolution is thousands of pages long and is constantly being updated. There are many different zoning districts, terms, and formulas, you would need to understand to have a working knowledge of NYC Zoning. Luckily, we Stonecore Inc by your side, we can handle all of the heavy lifting!



Zoning Analysis and Due Diligence

Conducting thorough assessments of properties to analyze their zoning designations, restrictions, and regulations. This includes reviewing zoning maps, codes, and ordinances to determine the allowable land uses, building heights, setbacks, lot coverage, and other parameters that may impact development potential.

Zoning Compliance Review

Assisting property owners, developers, architects, and attorneys in ensuring compliance with applicable zoning laws and regulations. This involves evaluating proposed developments, renovations, or land use changes to confirm that they conform to zoning requirements and obtain necessary permits and approvals.

Zoning Variance and Special Permit Applications

Advising clients on the process of obtaining zoning variances or special permits when their proposed projects do not fully comply with existing zoning regulations. This may involve preparing and submitting applications, presenting cases before zoning boards or community boards, and advocating for project approvals.

Land Use Planning and Strategy

Developing strategic plans and recommendations for maximizing the potential of properties within the confines of zoning regulations. This includes identifying opportunities for rezoning, assemblage, air rights transfers, or other mechanisms to optimize land use and development outcomes.

Public Engagement and Community Outreach

Facilitating communication and collaboration between developers and local communities, stakeholders, and government agencies. This may involve conducting outreach meetings, public hearings, and community presentations to garner support for proposed projects and address concerns regarding zoning matters.

Environmental Review and Permitting

Assisting clients in navigating environmental review processes, such as the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) or State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of proposed developments and obtain necessary permits and approvals.

Zoning Code Interpretation and Consultation

Providing expert guidance and interpretation of complex zoning codes, regulations, and legal precedents to clients seeking clarification on specific zoning issues or requirements.

Representation in Zoning Matters

Representing clients in zoning-related proceedings, including administrative hearings, appeals, and litigation, to resolve disputes or challenges arising from zoning decisions or enforcement actions.


Overall, collaborating with a specialized company that focuses on zoning services is essential for effectively navigating the intricate terrain of zoning regulations and land use planning in our city. Our expertise and assistance are indispensable assets in guaranteeing the achievement of successful project outcomes while meticulously adhering to regulatory mandates and conscientiously considering the needs and concerns of the community.