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Lead Violation Removal NYC

If your property has been found to have lead, you will likely receive a violation notice from the HPD or DOH. These violations are typically issued to building owners and building management companies who are responsible for properties where lead paint has been reported. New York City is full of older apartment building and houses and many of these still contain lead based paint. NYC law assumes that any house older than 1960 contains lead based paint, and the EPA recommends that any property built before 1978 be evaluated for lead paint. Tenants who are concerned that lead based paint is present in their home are recommended to report their concerns. The HPD and DOH will issue a lead violation on the property and instruct the owner/management company to remedy the hazards.

An EPA certified contractor is required in order to test for lead paint, and to perform lead abatement services if it is found. At Stoncore we have extensive experience removing lead violations, and can manage the abatement services and lead violation removal for your property. We specialize in the removal of HPD & DOH lead violations . If you hire us we will make sure that the violation is completely removed from all city records. Let this stressful problem become stress-free in our hands.

Speak with one of our experts to get a free estimate today. We will explain the step-by-step process of how we can fix your property and the violation.

Types of NYC Lead Violations

  1. HPD Lead Based Paint Violation Removal – NYC Department of Housing, Preservation & Development is the largest municipal developer of affordable housing in the nation.
  2. DOH Lead Based Paint Violation Removal – NYC Department Of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Healthy Homes Program/Lead Poisoning Prevention program issues violations to property owners and managers where lead is found to be present.